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Analyst? Consultant? Partner? Frankly speaking, we are all of the above. We use our platform, processes and people to become extensions to our client organizations

We see the Bigger Picture

We call it – A new approach to align IT with your business vision. The choice to build and embrace new technologies is getting easier with the kind of tools available in the market today.  The challenge, however, arises when companies must decide exactly how to put all these new capabilities to work in their own unique environments and in line with their short-term and long-term business objectives.


Whitepaper’s KPI-driven Discovery Sessions help clients go through the critical first steps of identifying the business need for adopting new technologies.  These sessions provide a proven framework to not only identify, categorize, and prioritize opportunities for innovation, but also to drive those insights further into actionable roadmaps.

Looking at a new ERP or building an application backbone?

You may utilize the Discovery Sessions to understand your organization’s KPI’s and goals, critical business processes, and existing data sources.  We will also help you identify, evaluate and recommend the most optimum solution prevailing in the industry.  

Is your Application Landscape aligned to your business goals?

The Discovery Sessions focus on collecting a set of thoughts or ideas on improving the current landscape, that can be clearly defined, effectively prioritized, and that can be implemented at reasonable cost and in a reasonable timeframe.


We are a boutique Business and IT consulting firm. We help customers define key value drivers and recommend the right tools that align with business vision.  We are driven to deliver practical solutions – solutions that are holistic and sustainable.

Assess | Evaluate | Recommend


Be it an everyday task or a complex process automation, build everything with our unique development framework.  The framework allows for seamless integration with your Application Landscape and helps in building a reusable repository.

Design | Deploy | Reuse


Extend the capabilities of your application landscape to employees, vendors, customers, dealers and distributors. Accelerate your digital transformation journey through our ready-to-deploy suite of applications. 

Map | Integrate | Transform


Having the right-sized team is critical to any successful project. Our delivery models offer the required speed, professional acumen and flexibility for you to scale rapidly, optimize resource utilization and ensure timely releases.

People | Process | Operate

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